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There has always been a part of our life, be it during our childhood or adult times, where we have craved or pictured what a bag that depicts our personality would look like. Take a step further or retrace your footsteps as you make your own backpack with us.

We are the forerunners when it comes to personalized printing. You will find that you are able to procure four different print types from our website. The first in line is digital printing, which is the optimum selection for pictures or graphic designs with high resolution, as it brings out the highest level applicable for picture quality and clarity. This would definitely be the print to apply if you are placing the picture of your kid on his or her own backpack or bag, for example. Flock prints, on the other hand, could provide duffel bags or messenger bags with a velvety finish to its print, which is similar to the feel of plush. This highly durable print is able to cope for up to three colors for each design selected. Flex prints are divided into the standard flex print and the special flex print. The standard flex print is in essence a plot print that has been given a smooth finish, and is also able to cater right up to three colors for designs chosen. The special flex print is different from the standard flex print as it has an end result that gives a mixture of both a smooth as well as glistening surface. Both flex print designs are also extremely high in durability; the only other difference would probably be that the special flex print accepts a singular color option for the graphic designs printed. You can also upload your own image or photo on your tote bags and create corporate logo or personal bags!

Moving on to the subject of shipping, you will be happy to hear that our parcels can be shipped not only locally within the USA, but also internationally. Names of countries for which international shipments can be made include Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Japan. International shipments may have additional costs incurred, which may be in the form of taxes, duties as well as brokerage fees. Rest be assured, though, that all local and international shipments are processed on our end within 48 hours of full payment rendered, as well as complete shipment details provided to us. Delivery to Canada will be done via UPS Standard that applies for Canada only, and is estimated to take approximately between three to seven working days to reach you or your recipient. Our standard shipping within America takes about one to five working days to arrive to its destination. Tracking information could be provided, if required by you, for shipments that are taking place in Canada and also America. With that being said, go ahead and get your own promotional bags or customized backpacks now!

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